General Conference begins April 23
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General Conference is set to begin on April 23 in Charlotte, NC. This conference convenes every four years and is the only entity that speaks for the denomination. The United Methodist Book of Discipline is updated every four years to incorporate changes made by the General Conference.   The voting delegates for this conference will come from various parts of the world, including the United States (55.9%), Africa (32%), the Philippines (6%), Europe (4.6%), and concordat churches that have close ties to The United Methodist Church (1.5%). Half of the delegates will be clergy and the other half will be laity.  

In the days ahead, many will have opinions about what happens at the General Conference. Please see these reliable sources for the most accurate information:

The United Methodist Church:  Website, Facebook

West Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church: Website, Facebook

West Ohio Conference Delegates  - These persons have been elected to serve as General Conference Delegates. You may send your prayers and messages to West Ohio Conference delegates via email: