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Director of Benefits and HR

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Stacy Jefferson

Benefits/HR Specialist

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HealthFlex Good to Know for 2024

Health, HSA/FSA, RX, and Dental Cards:

  • Medical Cards – Mailed to homes week of 12/19 - 29.  Expect one combined card for medical and RX.
  • No Card by January 1 – Contact QUANTUM at 1-833-762-0876 for a copy of your digital card.
  • HSA/FSA – Mailed to homes as of 12/18, be on the lookout and register your card at: .
  • Dental – No cards will be issued for Cigna PPO and PPO Passive plans.   You may contact Quantum at 1-833-762-0876 or print from your Wespath Benefits Access Portal
  • Dental HMO – Mailed out week of 12/18 - 29.

Health Equity HSA Rollover:

Health Equity – HSA Personal Contributions and Premium Credit Surplus Funds

  • Personal HSA contributions – Funds available on the 5th of Each Month.
  • Premium Credit Excess/Surplus – Funds available on the 5th of Each Month.  Note: The premium credit excess/surplus funds are not frontloaded to plan H5000.
  • Plan Types with Embedded HSA/HRA employer contributions (below) – Funds are frontloaded in January:
Plan FeatureH2000/HSAH2500/HSAC2000/HRAC3000/HRA
1 person$1000$250$1000$250
2 or more$2000$500$2000$500

Benefits Access Portal:

  • To make updates to HealthFlex or HSA account information, the Benefits Access Portal at: is down and will be available by January 1, 2024.
  • If you have received an HSA over limit notice from HealthFlex, the matter has been corrected. There is nothing further that you need to do.  

Newly Appointed and First-time Joining HealthFlex:

Before delving into the detailed information provided below, take a moment to watch the HealthFlex Premium Credit Video. Remember, the premium credit is funded by your Church or Conference to purchase your healthcare coverage.

To make an informed decision when thinking about and shopping for healthcare benefits, refer to the links provided below for all the necessary information.

Let's Get Started!

Review: West Ohio 2024 HealthFlex Webinar

Scroll down, click on : ALEX the Benefits Counselor decision-tool,.

Scroll down, click on: Premium Credit and 2024 Healthcare Rates

Ready to Enroll into HealthFlex, go to:

Waiving/Declining HealthFlex Coverage:

  • Mandatory Enrollment applies to 75% and 100% Full Members, Provisional Members, and Associate Members, or a 100% Local Pastor unless you already have coverage through your spouse’s employer plan, Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, Champus, or any other veterans’ coverage.
  • If you are an eligible Clergy or Conference/District Staff Employee and wish to waive HealthFlex coverage, you can do so by completing the HealthFlex Waiver Form and emailing it to

Health and Wellness Contact List:

  • HSA Health Equity - 1-844-341-6998
  • FSA Health Equity - 1-877-924-3967
  • *Quantum Care Coordinators for ALL HealthFlex and Optum RX Questions/Concerns - 1-833-762-0876
  • OptumRx (prescription mail-order) - 1-855-239-8471
  • Ohio Health Employee Assistance Program (EAP), 6 Free Visits - 614-566-3348
  • Optum Employee Assistance Program (Healthflex EAP 8 Free Visits) - 1-866-881-6800
  • MDLive (HealthFlex for Behavioral Health/Video Chat and Telehealth) - 1-888-750-4991
  • HealthFlex Coaching & Wellness at Virgin Pulse Support - 1-800-830-4312
  • Omada Support (Diabetes/Heart Disease Prevention and Management Programs) - 1-888-409-8687 or
  • Quest Blueprint for Wellness ($100 Annual/Biometric for covered participant & spouse) - 1-855-623-9355
  • VSP (Vision) - 1-877-7195

Helpful HealthFlex Materials and Resources

Compliance and Annual Regulatory Notices