Your health is a critical component to leading a fulfilling life whether fishing on Saturday or preaching on Sunday. Good health not only allows you to do the things you enjoy, it allows you to do them to your fullest potential. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? Yet todays healthcare environment is a complicated landscape with terms hard to understand (high deductible health plan), with a myriad of acronyms to keep straight (HSA, HRA, EOB) and costs that continue to rise. The West Ohio Conference understands these challenges, wants to walk with you through them, and seeks to provide a comprehensive plan for you and your eligible dependents.

Our current active plan is a high deductible health plan or HDHP. For all but preventive services, the deductible must be met before the plan begins to pay benefits. Attached to the HDHP is a health saving account or HSA which allows you to save pre-tax dollars for medically covered expenses. For more information please see the HSA tab. Our claims administrator and network provider is Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Below are attachments related to the Active Health Plan including premiums, summary plan descriptions, section 125 documents and other valuable information regarding your healthcare.  

*Effective July 1, 2022 in compliance with Transparency in Coverage within the Consolidated Appropriation Acts (CAA), the posting of this link ( will fulfill our group health plan posting requirement.